News In Brief: Apple, Wimax Forum, Google, Next, Intel, Robert Walters

Paul Devine, an Apple global supply manager, has pleaded not guilty in a US court to charges of receiving more than $1 million (€779,352) in kickbacks from Asian suppliers.
The Wimax Forum expects the Wimax 2 standard to be fully certified by the IEEE in 2011, with device certification to occur late in the year.
India’s government is considering widening the focus of its demands to access telecom data for surveillance purposes to include Google and Skype, as well as existing target RIM.
UK retailer Next has contracted Cable & Wireless Worldwide to connect 32 distribution centers and offices to the operator’s next generation network. The five year deal is designed to boost the efficiency of the retailer’s logistics handling at the sites in the UK and Hong Kong.
Intel is buying Texas Instruments cable modem business in a bid to boost its position in the set-top box, residential gateway and modem products markets.
Office workers are increasingly distracted by social networking sites personal e-mail and their mobile phones, research by recruitment firm Robert Walters found. Around 33% were distracted by personal e-mail and web browsing, 8% by social networking, and 5% personal calls or texts.