NEWS IN BRIEF: Chunghwa telecom, Lanka Bell, Tivo/Netfilix

Chunghwa Telecom has posted a slight rise in profits for its Thai operations in Q3 2008. The company's net income increased 0.4% to reach TW$13.3 billion ($400 million). Revenue declined 1.5%, to reach $1.5 billion. As of the end of the quarter, the company had around 8.8 million mobile subscribers.

Lanka Bell is running a unique promotion -it plans to pay its subscribers for taking incoming international calls. Every incoming overseas call taken on a Lanka Bell phone will earn its user 50 cents per minute. Lanka Bell is promoting its investment to connect Sri Lanka to the FLAG undersea fibre-optic cable network, according to company representatives, and this promotion is a way of passing on the benefits to the consumer.

Tivo has partnered with Netflix to launch a digital distribution service. Beginning in December, TiVo customers with Netflix accounts will be able to watch more than 12,000 movies and TV shows via their TiVos. The financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed.