News In Brief: LG, NASA,, IBM

LG will launch  more than 50 Windows Mobile smartphones in the next three years, most of which are likely to use the upcoming Windows Mobile 7.

US humorist Stephen Colbert has won a NASA competition to have a living room on the International Space Station named after him, beating out the space agency's preferred choice, Serenity, by 250,000 votes to 210,000.

Internet radio site will start charging  listeners outside the US, UK and Germany 3 euros per month to listen to the site's streaming music service.

The EU has set its new mobile roaming fees. Cross-border data roaming prices must be capped at €1 ($1.35) by July 1 and €0.50 in two years, SMS at €0.11, and voice calls at €0.46 at first, and €0.25 in two years.