News In Brief: NSN, Telefonica, Akamai, Google, Orange, Chunghwa Telecom, Nokia

Mexico’s regulator has ordered Telefonica to suspend the accounts of mobile subscribers who didn’t register on a government database by midnight on Saturday. The carrier could be fined or even have its license withdrawn if it fails to comply, local reports state.
Fragmentation could harm Google Android's potential as a smartphone OS, according to IMS Research. Google has released four different, incompatible, versions of the software during the evolution from v1.5 to v2.1.
France Telecom has arranged to merge Swiss subsidiary Orange Suisse with Sunrise, a subsidiary of TDC.
Chunghwa Telecom is running a live FDD-LTE trial in Taiwan using core network equipment and base stations from Nokia Siemens Networks.
Mobile content delivery network Akamai served a record-breaking 3.45 terabits per second of data during the peak period on Friday, supporting over 12 million requests per second, or 500 billion during the entire day.
Nokia has acquired US location intelligence firm MetaCarta for an undisclosed sum, and closed the acquisition of mobile browser and services platform developer Novarra.