The next step in the Wimax migration path: 802.16e Enhanced

To address the potential Wimax network capacity constraints, Wimax equipment and chip vendors, in partnership with Wimax operators and the WiMAX Forum have launched an initiative to accelerate the adoption of features already supported in IEEE Std 802.16e.

This initiative will give today’s Wimax operators the opportunity to easily and cost-effectively enhance the performance of their networks and with availability in late 2010 , provides an upgrade path for today’s Wimax operators to meet the growing consumer demand for broadband services while ensuring a smooth transition to Wimax 2 based on the 802.16m standard.

With a focus on existing Wimax profiles , the majority of WiMAX 16e-Enhanced benefits can be realized with a simple SW upgrade to currently deployed infrastructure.

This white paper orginally appeared in the WiMAX Forum

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