Nokia attacks emerging markets with new phones

Nokia, the world's top handset maker, unveiled four new models targeting consumers in emerging markets who are about to replace their first phones, a Reuters report said. Nokia, which makes four out of every ten phones sold globally, has been fiercely defending its dominant position by looking to emerging markets and making cheaper models, as growth has slowed in Europe and North America.

The new phones cost €50 to €90, taking on even the cheapest offerings from its main rivals, all of whom have so far shied away from attempting to compete with Nokia in terms of the scale of production, the Reuters report said.

Nokia expects replacement sales to consumers in emerging markets to account for more than 60% of sales volumes this year, up from around 50% last year. It also expects the inclusion of FM radio receivers and recorders, cameras and music players to drive handset replacement in emerging markets.

Two of the new phones unveiled at a media event in Johannesburg, the Nokia 5000 and Nokia 2680, have a radio recording function, the report stated.