Nokia expands Chinese TD-SCDMA workforce

Nokia Siemens Networks is ramping up its Chinese workforce in anticipation of the deployment of China Mobile's new TD-SCDMA network.

The company has increased its workforce of TD-SCDMA qualified engineers in China to over 1,200.

Nokia Siemens has already received official approval to begin deployment of its TD-SCDMA radio access solution, 

In other Nokia news, FierceWireless is reporting that counterfeits of Nokia's new Arte Sapphire and N96 handsets are flooding the UK market.

The fakes are very sophisticated and difficult to tell apart from the real thing. At least one retail chain has reported problems with fraudsters buying a real Nokia handset and returning a forgery for a refund.

If Nokia's stock becomes too flooded with counterfeits it could undermine the company's brand confidence in the region.