Nokia offers free, unlimited music downloads

The Guardian newspaper writes that anyone willing buy a Nokia Comes With Music pre-pay phone will be able to download up to 2.1m music tracks - about a quarter of the number available from Apple's iTunes - onto their computer for no extra charge for 12 months.

Those tracks can be loaded onto the Nokia phone and after a year users will need to buy a new device to continue downloading new releases. In contrast to other so-called unlimited music services, however, if they choose not to buy a new device, they can keep all the tracks they have already downloaded.

The first phone will be its 5310 handset, although at least one more device will be announced in time for Christmas. It is expected to cost "somewhere between £100 and £300".

Nokia does not yet have a mobile operator partner for Comes With Music, the Guardian report says, so anyone buying the phone will have to put their existing SIM card into it or sign up for a SIM-only deal such as O2's Simplicity.

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