Nokia planning to put up phone factory in Romania

Handset leader Nokia plans to build a plant in Romania to make mobile phones for markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, an AFP report said.

The AFP report said the 60-million euro ($80 million) factory is to employ 500 workers and be located in the northwestern city of Cluj, Nokia said.

'Nokia selected Cluj as the location for the plant because of the county's availability of skilled labour, its good inbound and outbound logistics connections, its overall efficiency, and the long industrial tradition in the area,' a statement, quoted by the AFP report, said.

Work on the factory is to begin shortly, with initial deliveries forecast for the first half of 2008, the report said.

The mobile phone maker also has production sites in Brazil , Britain, China, Germany , Finland, India, Mexico and South Korea.

'The decision to establish a new factory in Romania is a reflection of Nokia's strong volume growth globally, as well as the increasing demand for mobile devices in Europe, the Middle East and Africa,' the statement further said.