Nokia plans to 'revive' N-Gage platform

Handset leader Nokia has announced that it will 'revive' its N-Gage mobile gaming platform, following the signing of partnerships deals with gaming publishers.

The Finland-based company also said the multiplayer gaming service will work on Nokia's its popular line of smartphones.

The service will offer games from major publishers like Electronic Arts, as well as smaller developers like Digital Chocolate that focus on the mobile gaming market, Nokia said.

In a separate statement, Nokia and Capcom revealed that Capcom will be publishing games on N-Gage in 2008.

Capcom is the first Japanese based publisher to show their commitment to N-Gage, which makes its global debut later this year, ushering in a new era for games on mobile devices.

The two companies said N-Gage games are created in a native development environment, allowing developers to take advantage of Nokia devices with advanced graphics and physics capabilities which deliver extremely sharp, clear and fluid game experiences to users.

Games can distributed digitally over the air through operator networks or over the Internet to a user's PC, which allows for larger file downloads and therefore games with enhanced audio and graphical elements, the companies said.