Nokia predicts end for MP3 players, video cams

Handset leader Nokia has predicted that mobile phones will deal a final blow to makers of music devices and video camcorders, an AFP report said.


The report, quoting the Financial Times, said Anssi Vanjoki, head of Nokia's multimedia unit, made the forecast on the "death" of the photo industry, and said the same fate was looming for other sectors.


Nokia made 100 million cameraphones last year, making it the world's largest camera manufacturer, the report said.


Major photo industry player Konica Minolta Holdings said in January that it would withdraw from the business and Agfa-Gevaert sold its once famous photographic arm in 2004.


"In the next 6-12 months, there will be more of these announcements. The next to disappear will be the makers of music devices and then the manufacturers of video cameras," Vanjoki was quoted as saying.


Nokia made 40 million music handsets last year and set a target to double this in 2006, the report said.