Nokia's Ovi comes with context

Nokia will open its Ovi apps store in May, offering content that will target consumers through their location and social connections, the company announced on Monday.

Content and applications developers can begin uploading material to the Ovi Store in March, Nokia said.
Nokia said that "unlike traditional mobile storefronts", consumers would be able to opt-in to "social discovery" so that they can receive content preferred by their social network. Content and apps also would presented based on location so that consumers will always have the most relevant experience wherever they are in the world.

"From this point on, the media you consume is no longer just about "˜what' you're buying, but also now about "˜where', "˜when', "˜why', and "˜who' bought what," Nokia said.

Consumers will be able to choose to pay for content with a credit card or through operator billing.

The Ovi Store would be able to reach 300 million consumers by 2012, Nokia said.

Separately, Nokia unveiled two new email devices, the E75 and E55, and two GPS phones, the 6710 Navigator and Nokia 6720.