Nokia's tarnished Comes with Music brand to disappear?

Having conspicuously failed to attract subscribers, Nokia would appear to be quietly rebranding its Comes with Music (CwM) service with the new name of Ovi Music Unlimited.

The company, which has already implemented the change in India, is thought to be planning to make this change globally as it overhauls its service offering to compete more effectively with the likes of Apple.

While the company has spent heavily on marketing the CwM service, the rebranding move would bring the service into line with Nokia's Ovi Store strategy, and could see an end to Nokia handsets specifically designed to support a music service.

However, the "new" Ovi Music Unlimited service would appear to be little else than a change in brand name with the same "all you can eat" for a year subscription which remains DRM-locked to the Nokia handsets or users' PC.

Some observers have speculated that Nokia might completely revamp its approach to mobile music when it launches a new wave of phones based on Symbian^3 at the end of the year.

Overall, the CwM service has failed to enthuse users or mobile operators alike, and the company is in danger of making minor, but almost irrelevant changes, while the competition continues to forge ahead.

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