Nokia to make SLRs obsolete with new camera phones

Having lost out on the smartphone boom, Nokia is looking to generate a fresh revenue stream by capturing market share currently held by digital SLR camera vendors.

The company claims that fast developing camera phone technology will shortly make digital SLR system cameras and even professional cameras obsolete. They will in the very near future revolutionise the market for system cameras, said Nokia's exec VP and GM, Anssi Vanjoki.

While the company's camera phones are recognised as among the best with their Carl Zeiss optics and features including Xenon flashes, Nokia believes that the digital camera market will be revolutionised by the increasing power and sophistication of tomorrow's smartphones.

Vanjoki said high-definition (HD) quality video recording would also be coming to cellphones within the next 12 months. "It will not take long, less than a year, when phones can record HD quality."

The current developers of digital cameras have remained largely aloof of the low-quality technology currently integrated in smartphones, with the iPhone being a classic example of this. However, Nokia's intent to build on its credibility as a viable provider of high-quality digital camera technology would now seem to be targeting the high-margin heartland of the established camera manufacturers, the digital SLR.

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