North Korea slams South on Web site restrictions"”report

The South Korean government is denying access to those Web sites sympathetic to the North, thereby violating the public's right to information, a statement from North Korea said.

The North's official newspaper Rodong Sinmun said South Korea has blocked access to over 30 Web sites determined to be in favor of North Korea, since 2004, including the North's KCNA news agency's web service.

The newspaper also said South Korea's actions infringe the freedom of speech of its people and oppose democracy and human rights, while preventing them from fully benefiting from the IT age.
It said by blocking access to the Web sites, South Korea has demonstrated its opposition to reconciliation with the North.

Earlier this month South Korea's unification ministry advised that it has no intention of removing the ban.

While 75% of the South Korean population have access to the Internet, most North Koreans reportedly have limited or no access to computers or the Internet.

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