NSN joins New York 5G researchers

Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) is the sixth industrial partner to sign up to a 5G research program being led by New York University (NYU).
The firm has committed to take part in research into the next generation of wireless technology at the NYU Wireless Research center, after becoming an affiliate sponsor and advisory board member of the facility, which is based at NYU’s Polytechnic Institute and offers 13,500 square feet of research space over four laboratories.
NSN joins firms including Samsung, Qualcomm, and InterDigital as a member of the group, which is researching wireless communications systems, signals, and millimeter wave (mmwave) frequency antennas. The firm states the research could increase the data capacity of mobile devices a thousand-fold.
Lauri Oksanen, vice president of research and technology at NSN, says 5G is needed to address huge increases in data demand over the next decade. “By working together with eminent academic partners, such as the NYU Wireless, we can add speed and agility to innovation and overall technology development.”
NSN will boost the program due to its “stellar research and engineering capabilities,” and emerging leadership in “mmwave future,” notes Professor Theodore Rappaport, director and founder of NYU Wireless.

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