NSN, Qualcomm claim HSPA+ data boost

Nokia Siemens and Qualcomm plan to demonstrate a new HSPA+ technology at the forthcoming Mobile World Congress that they claim can double data rates at the cell edge.
The HSPA+ Multiflow technology is designed to allow devices at the edge of a base station's cell to connect to another nearby cell. Data is then transmitted simultaneously from both cells, effectively doubling throughput to the device.
NSN claims the technique will also allow operators to reduce network strain by addressing common imbalances in network resource usage. The vendor tips the technology to be standardized by the 3GPP by mid-2012, and be available commercially in the back half of 2013.

Qualcomm product management vice president Serge Willenegger says the MWC demo will confirm the ability of HSPA+ Multiflow “to further enhance the HSPA+ mobile broadband user experience, and is thus a valuable contribution toward enhancing the HSPA+ value proposition and further expanding global mobile broadband coverage.”