NSN steps up TD-LTE commitment

Nokia Siemens is throwing more weight behind the TDD variant of LTE technology, becoming a full blown member of the Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI) partner forum.
The vendor, which claims to have seven commercial TD-LTE network contracts globally, is stepping up from a participant in the GTI forum to full member as the Chinese 4G standard gains favor with network operators around the world. The forum aims to smooth commercialization of TD-LTE networks by handling network planning, coexistence with the FDD variant of LTE, and multi-antenna solutions.
“We have been major contributors to numerous initiatives at the GTI and are excited about how we can provide further expertise going forward,” explains Tommi Uitto, head of NSN’s LTE business.
Craig Ehrlich, chairman of the GTI’s steering committee, adds that TD-LTE “is gaining momentum as an efficient technology for superior mobile broadband,” and that NSN’s membership “reiterates its commitment to TD-LTE as a major, global, 4G mobile broadband standard.”