NTT Comms points way for telco cloud strategy

Japanese telecommunications giant NTT Communications has spent much of the last several years assembling cloud-based capabilities, via both organic and inorganic means.
[The firm has just] made another of the inorganic moves with an agreement to acquire Centerstance, which helps it on the systems integration front.
Centerstance is a consulting firm that helps companies move their applications and business processes to the cloud. In particular, they’re a Salesforce platinum partner, although they work with plenty of other solutions as well and specialize in making it all work together.
That’s the key thing right now, as organizations may understand the benefits of moving to the cloud but lack a clear path to actually making it happen in a complex real world environment.
It’s a reminder that it’s not enough to offer your own cloud computing infrastructure to enterprises, as there will always be outside providers that fit a particular customers needs.
Global telecoms that want to conquer the space have to leave room for outside capabilities and have the expertise to meld it all together.
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