O2 and BT... together again

Mobile operators everywhere are suffering from capacity shortfalls in their networks following the explosion in mobile broadband usage-and the UK's O2 is no exception. Just weeks after experiencing major problems on its network, O2 has signed a five year network management deal with its former owner British Telecom. BT already provides core network management support for O2, now part of Telefonica, on the mobile side, as well as a managed network service for the operator's fixed and broadband services for businesses.

BT says that by converging O2's fixed and mobile core networks on to its all-IP 21CN (21st Century Network) the mobile operator will be able to handle the high, and growing, levels of data traffic more flexibly. It also hopes the network will support a wide range of highly targeted next generation applications. In a significant example of the current market trends, O2 has been trying to move towards being a full service operator and is planning to sell fixed line services from next month-in direct competition to BT.

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