O2 Czech offers personalized mobile internet

Telefónica O2 Czech Republic has signed up ChangingWorlds to provide a personalized mobile internet service. Previously  ChangingWorlds has worked with O2 UK and O2 Germany.

The offer consists of an O2 internet-like portal and a browser bar that provides navigation support for users browsing off-portal, yet integrates with content services from O2 Active and its partner sites.

ChangingWorlds' ClixSmart system is said to simplify mobile internet access, engage O2 users and optimize internet usability on the mobile handset.

ChangingWorlds' solution claims it improves the end user experience and personal value gained from using the mobile internet selecting content for each user based on learned user content preferences and behavioural patterns.

In addition, the ClixSmart device management system optimizes content presentation and screen flows to the specific capabilities of each O2 handset.

In other words, it's another attempt to keep users in the walled garden, buying stuff from O2.