O2 launches LBS vouchers service

UK operator O2 has launched an LBS mobile voucher service, taking on the likes of Facebook, Groupon and potentially Orange.
The Telefonica-owned company said it had partnered with 30 major UK brands for its new Priority Moments LBS service. These agreements cover a combined 3,500 high-street outlets.
An initial 40 deals are on offer under the opt-in service, and the service will be made available to all of O2's 22 million mobile customers.
O2's managing director of media told the Financial Times that the company will spend an initial £6 million (€6.8 million) marketing the service to its customers, and implied that the company sees the service more as a unique selling point than a revenue-spinner.
But the operator already has competition, with Facebook having launched the Places Deals service in the market in January. Groupon also offers daily deals in the UK.
Rival operator Orange UK is meanwhile rumored to be preparing its own service for the market, FT.com said.
O2, Vodafone and EverythingEverywhere last month formed an NFC mobile transaction joint venture, with plans to open it by year end.