O2 removes roaming rates in Ireland

Mobile operator O2 has abolished roaming charges between the Southern Republic of Ireland and British Northern Ireland, according to a company statement.

O2 earlier abolished roaming charges across Great Britain and Ireland for its business customers.

Starting April, roaming rates between Ireland and Northern Ireland would be abolished on O2's network for its 1.6 million prepaid and postpaid customers. This means that these customers will not be charged for calls they receive while roaming in Northern Ireland.

'At O2 our primary focus is listening to what our customers need and adjusting our services to meet those needs. Our customers have told us that it makes no sense to pay roaming charges while making calls on the island of Ireland. Having listened carefully to this feedback, we are delighted to abolish roaming charges on the island of Ireland for our 1.6 million customers,' Danuta Gray, O2 Ireland CEO, said in a statement.