Operators uncertain on IMS adoption

Operators worldwide have still not fully decided on a migration path to IMS, according to a recent Comptel poll.


While 32% of operators worldwide have decided to move towards an IMS architecture within the next two years, another 32% have no plans yet. The remaining service providers see deployment in two to four years (27%) or beyond (6%).


Of the regions polled, the Americas have the majority of operators favoring adoption of an IMS architecture in the next four years (78%), though none of them saw this happening in the next two years. There is a much wider degree of contention in Asia-Pacific and Europe, with opinion divided between those who intend to migrate within the next two years (Asia-Pac at 50%, Europe at 47%) and those who have not yet decided on whether they will migrate at all (Asia-Pac at 50%, Europe at 41%).