Operators on wrong page with European Kindle launch

Mobile operators in Europe remain ‘confused' about their level of involvement with the planned launch of Amazon's Kindle ebook reader. UK operators say they have only just heard about the plans--potentially one of the biggest technology launches of the year--a few days ago and claim not to understand what role, if any, they will be expected to play.

According to Amazon, the 3G device will work in Europe but has not revealed which European operators will support the reader. The available information states that it will work with AT&T's wireless network, which they say has the global reach that Amazon needs for its international plans. The idea is that AT&T will work alongside a number of operator partners in 100 countries around the world.

Interestingly, Amazon's UK wireless coverage map shows an extensive 3G reach in lowland and metropolitan areas, with Edge and even GPRS in upland areas. Something that potential Kindle purchaser's might want to check prior to payment.

The Kindle 2 reader, which will be shipped with US power cords, will sell for €280 and can be pre-ordered now prior to deliveries scheduled to start 19 October.

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