Oracle threatens to end HP partnership

The boss of Oracle says it will end its 25 year relationship with HP if the PC maker doesn’t drop a lawsuit against its former CEO Mark Hurd.
Oracle chief Larry Ellison slammed HP’s decision to sue Hurd - who was appointed president of Oracle on Monday – claiming the lawsuit makes it “virtually impossible” for the two firms to continue working together.
“By filing this vindictive lawsuit against Oracle and Mark Hurd, the HP board is acting with utter disregard for that partnership, our joint customers, and their own shareholders and employees,” Ellison stated.
HP is suing Hurd for breaching a confidentiality agreement signed when he quit the firm last month, reported, following a sexual harassment and expenses scandal.
The lawsuit claims Hurd will be unable to work for Oracle “without necessarily using and disclosing HP’s trade secrets and confidential information,” and seeks an injunction against the appointment “to require Hurd to honor his legally binding trade secret protection agreements.”
The two firms share around 100,000 customers, according to HP.
Hurd’s appointment is viewed as a plus for Oracle, despite the legal action.
UBS analyst Brent Thill said the posting was a “great fit” for Oracle as it moves into hardware, noting that Hurd’s experience of running a $100 billion (€78.8 billion) company would serve his new employers well, UK daily The Telegraph reported.