Orange offers new voice and data roaming

Orange has introduced two new voice and data roaming offers aimed at making it cheaper and easier for customers to remain in contact while travelling abroad within the EU.

Orange said the new roaming offers for business customers and consumers have been added to its Orange Travel portfolio and will be available across the European network footprint from this summer.

The new Favourite Countries voice roaming offer is reportedly the first service of its kind and is expected to benefit those travelling regularly abroad or living or operating on borders, in particular, but also appeal to occasional roamers.

The offer is available in France and Romania and is being extended to the UK, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland and Slovakia this summer, to Poland in September and to African and Middle Eastern operations under the name 'Pays Sans Frontieres'.

Orange charges an upfront monthly fee and customers select an EU country or countries from a list in order to benefit from discounted or national rates when visiting those countries.

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