Pardoned Samsung chairman Lee back at helm

Freshly-pardoned former Samsung chairman Lee Kun-Hee has returned to office, after two years away due to his alleged role in a corruption scandal.
While Lee is widely seen as the man behind Samsung's success, some activist groups are concerned that he will increase corporate governance problems at the Korean company, the Financial Times reported
In an editorial, local news source The Hankyoreh took the position that Lee's reappointment was procedurally inappropriate, and could worsen Samsung's financial fortunes.
Samsung said Lee was needed back at the helm due to the rapidly changing business environment, where even major multinational companies are collapsing.
Lee received a presidential pardon late last year to allow him to lead South Korea's 2018 Olympic Bid.
He resigned in 2008, after he was indicted for tax evasion and related charges.
He was found guilty of selling bonds of Samsung units to his children at below-market prices, and evading 112.8 billion won (€74.5 million) in taxes, but was cleared of bribery charges.
He received a three-year suspended sentence, and was fined more than 110 million won, which he paid in a single instalment.