Picocells-the best solution for enterprise comms

The big question facing operators looking to improve in-building 3G coverage is: "should they deploy femtocells or picocells?" Now there is some useful guidance that might help them make the right decisions. According to a new white paper from cellular-over-IP pioneer ip.access, 3G picocells rather than femtocell grids are the best solution for enterprise communications.

The white paper, ‘3G in the enterprise' concludes that femtocells will serve the small-office/home-office market well, but that next-generation 3G picocells (sometimes called "super-femtocells") are the best option for larger business premises. Dr. Andy Tiller, VP Marketing for ip.access and author of the whitepaper, outlines the factors involved in optimal 3G deployment in the enterprise: "From cost scaling and interference issues to peak usage and configuration management, it is clear that, although femtocells are appropriate for the SOHO market, SMEs and branch offices of larger organisations are better served through 3G picocells. For both the user and the mobile operator, the next-generation 3G picocell approach provides the most reliable and cost-effective solution to 3G coverage and capacity issues."

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