Police arrest suspect in cyber attacks in Estonia

Police arrested a 19-year-old Tallinn resident who is suspected of involvement in a wave of attacks against Estonian computer servers, an AFP report said.

'The criminal police have detained the first person who stands accused in involvement in the recent cyber attacks against Estonian servers,' Kristiina Herodes, spokeswoman for the Estonian prosecutor's office, was quoted by the AFP report as saying.

'Dmitri was posting on Internet forums calls to organize mass attacks against Estonian servers, called the DdoS attacks,' Herodes was further quoted.

'He collected addresses of crucial Internet sites in Estonia and passed them in various Internet forums, instructing users to attack servers in Estonia,' she said.

Many government Web sites in Estonia have been forced to shut down during the past week because of the attacks, the AFP report said.

The arrest follows rioting in Tallinn last week over the removal of a Soviet war memorial, the report said.

Russians, including the large minority that lives in Estonia, see the statue as a memorial to the millions of Red Army soldiers who died fighting Nazism in World War II, while Estonians view it as a reminder of 50 years of Soviet occupation.

The Bronze Soldier has been re-installed in a military cemetery in Tallinn, where it is due to be formally inaugurated on May 8, the report further said.

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