Pre-roll video ads prove popular for O2

A six-week study to test the effectiveness of pre-roll mobile adverts has proven to be successful with nearly nine out of 10 cell phone users being happy to receive them.

The test, which took place on O2's Active portal, rewarded the 600 triallists with free video content that accompanied each pre-roll ad. This trade-off of watching a mobile pre-roll ad in exchange for free video content was especially popular with males and the younger audience. 88 per cent said they were happy with the concept.

Other key findings indicated:

  • Mobile pre-roll ads were attention grabbing and increased brand recognition.
  • Nearly 60 per cent said the mobile ads made them more interested in the advertised brand.
  • Over 60 per cent said it gave a good impression of the brands being advertised.

4th Screen Advertising, which conducted the study, said it was essential for companies such as themselves to understand the power of mobile advertising to deliver brand awareness in the U.K. market place. "I believe that understanding what your customers want to view is a key to the success of every targeted mobile advertising campaign," said Mark Slade, MD of 4th Screen Advertising.

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