PT shareholders postpone vote on Altice deal; Orange CEO re-ignites French consolidation debate

> Portugal Telecom SGPS shareholders postponed until Jan. 22 a vote on the sale of its former operations by its merger partner, Brazil's Oi, complicating a planned €7.4 billion ($9 billion) deal with Altice. Article

> Orange CEO Stephane Richard has re-ignited the consolidation debate in France. Article

> Ericsson responded to an Apple lawsuit seeking a ruling that it does not owe the Swedish vendor smartphone IP royalties, with a lawsuit saying the U.S. company does. Release

> A U.S. military Twitter account was hacked hours after President Barack Obama proposed new data protection and cyber security laws. Report

> Google could be exposing millions of Android users to security threats by ending output of security updates for older versions of the operating system. Article

> Desay, a Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer, launched a smartphone with an 'unbreakable' display made of sapphire. Report

> BT, the UK incumbent that is currently courting EE owners Orange and Deutsche Telekom, launched a cloud-based video service for business users. Release

And finally…Robots could be taking up residence in your home sooner than you think...Article

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