Qtel refunds BlackBerry data charges

Qatari operator Qtel is set to issue a final refund over excess BlackBerry data charges by tomorrow, but only for some of its smartphone subscribers.
Customers on Qtel’s Hala BlackBerry tariff can expect the final installment of a refund tomorrow, however users on its Shahry BlackBerry package must wait until they receive their next monthly bill to enjoy the compensation. The operator is taking action after changes to its billing systems in May resulted in subscribers not being notified excess data usage and subsequent additional charges.
The telco has also updated charging information on its website to clarify data costs to customers, and is advising subscribers keen to minimize their usage to utilize Wi-Fi wherever possible.
Qtel last month faced the wrath of customers and Qatar’s telecoms regulator over a lack of clarity on data pricing, and for applying excess fees to its BlackBerry subscribers, the Gulf Times reports.