Qualcomm acquires U.K. spectrum - but what next?

Having won the auction for the U.K.-wide L-band spectrum auction, Qualcomm has been reluctant to define what it might be used for other than to 'explore emerging business models and advanced mobile technologies'.

Spending £8.3 million to win the spectrum right to the 1452 MHz to 1492 MHz band and competing against seven other hopefuls, Qualcomm claims the licence is suitable for offering mobile television, wireless broadband and satellite radio. The spectrum has been released on a technology and service neutral basis leaving Qualcomm and its partners free to decide what to do next. The frequency band is also available as of now.

Andrew Gilbert, an executive VP of Qualcomm, said: "Acquiring this spectrum will enable us to develop, test and explore a variety of innovative wireless services and technologies that will benefit European consumers and the wireless industry as a whole. The company has a long history of innovation and creating new technology markets."

Qualcomm also has a long history of wanting to establish a meaningful bridgehead into Europe, with mobile TV being one of its latest ambitions.

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