Qualcomm backs augmented comms

Qualcomm has teamed with Portugal Telecom to develop augmented communications centers for disabled people.
The chip firm is collaborating with the Portugal Telecom Foundation through its Wireless Reach initiative to enable 14 centers with Web-enabled handsets that can be controlled by breath, feet and eye movement for people with Down’s Syndrome, severe neuro-motor disorders, and spinal injuries.
Charities benefitting from the partnership include the National Federation of Social Solidarity Cooperatives, and the Union of Children’s Recover Centers of the District of Santarém, the firms revealed.
Oscar Vieira, general manager of the PT Foundation, said Qualcomm’s involvement “demonstrates the importance and merit of these projects at a global level.”
The partners also expanded a separate Wireless Reach scheme that adapts mobile devices for disabled users to include availability of heavily subsidized devices.
“Qualcomm firmly believes wireless broadband technologies can play a key role in improving the lives of disabled people, their families and communities,” Fernando de Palacio, head of Qualcomm Spain said.