Qualcomm rejects settlement offer from Nokia

Qualcomm has rejected a $20 million payment and terms offered by mobile phone maker Nokia to settle a dispute over technology patents, a Reuters report said.

The Reuters report said the two firms have failed to reach a cross-licensing agreement, even after a previous pact over technology patents expired on Monday.

'Nokia's attempted payment is a fraction of the royalty to which Nokia agreed in the arm's length negotiations leading to the parties' existing contract and for which Nokia bargained in obtaining the extension option,' a Qualcomm statement, quoted by the Reuters report, said.

It also said Nokia's payment offer was only a small fraction of the value of Qualcomm's patent portfolio, the report said.

The dispute centers on Nokia's use of Qualcomm patents for W-CDMA, a technology popular in the US, the report said.

The outcome is also likely to affect Qualcomm's chips business, which uses many Nokia-patented technologies, it added.