Quanta tipped for top notebook shipments slot

Industry insiders tip Taiwan’s Quanta Computers to grow sales of notebook PCs 5% while its nearest rivals struggle to hit targets, when 4Q shipments are tallied.
The quarter-on-quarter rise would take Quanta’s notebook shipments to 13.7 million units, well ahead of tier-one rivals Compal and Inventec which are now tipped to struggle to hit targets of 3.9 to 4 million and 1.4 million respectively, Digitimes.com reports.
Quanta’s rivals are struggling to maintain growth of notebook shipments, and have revised overall 4Q shipment growth forecasts down to under 3%, from the 3% to 3.3% originally predicted.
Company sources expect shipments to fall during 1Q11, but at roughly half the seasonal average of 10%.

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