Report: Mobile location platform revenues to reach €275M in 2018

The global market for location platforms is set to grow steadily in the next few years, mainly driven by the emerging indoor location segment, according to a new report from research firm Berg Insight. At the same time, the market for location platforms deployed by mobile operators is maturing. Annual revenues for GMLC/SMLC and SUPL A-GPS servers, passive location platforms, as well as middleware deployed by mobile operators are forecasted to grow from an estimated €190 million ($260 million) in 2012 to €275 million ($376 million) in 2018. The market is primarily driven by public safety and lawful intercept mandates that require network operators to invest in location platforms enabling location of any handset. Overall, the growing end-user demand for commercial location-based services will not have a substantial effect on the market for mobile network location platforms, according to Berg. Release