Samsung tipped for major iPhone processor deal; BlackBerry CEO seeks apps parity

> Android security head Adrian Ludwig admitted Google is no longer patching security holes in the web browser used on older versions of the smartphone operating system. Article

> Microsoft aims to strengthen its cloud services division by acquiring Revolution Analytics, a start up that produces data analysis tools. Report

> Samsung is set to produce around 75 per cent of processors for Apple's next iPhone. Report

> UK ISPs slammed attempts to reintroduce laws that would require closer monitoring of the public's web usage. Article

> BlackBerry chief John Chen said apps developers are discriminating against his company. Report

> German scientists raised hopes of a Star Trek-style transporter, using encrypted communications and a 3D printer. Article

And finally...There really is an app for everything these days, it seems. Airpnp aims to help you find a toilet when you need it--and fast...Article