Saudis delay BlackBerry ban

Saudi Arabia has delayed cutting off BlackBerry data services to give operators time to work on a possible fix.
The Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC) said it would extend the deadline for disabling the smartphones as telcos test a solution that involves installing RIM servers that authorities could monitor, AP reported.
Carriers have been given until the end of today to complete the fix the Saudi Press Agency reported.
About 700,000 BlackBerry accounts are in service in Saudi Arabia, making it RIM’s biggest market in the Middle East.
The United Arab Emirates (UAE), which has 500,000 users, plans to ban the device on security grounds from October 11, while Lebanon and India are also weighing prohibitions.
US secretary of state Hillary Clinton said last week she had held discussions with the UAE and other states over the issue, acknowledging they faced “legitimate” security concerns.
Clinton said the US was working with all the countries involved to find a resolution.

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