Service revenues plateau despite sub growth in 09: research

The top 20 service providers recorded less than 2% growth in aggregated annual revenues during 2009, despite healthy global net adds.
TeleGeography research states most of the growth the world’s largest operators recorded last year was down to M&A activity, even though the global mobile subscriber base grew 15% during the year, and broadband subscribers by 14%.
That’s because the global figures mask slowdowns in key wireless markets. For example subscriber growth in Western Europe was negligible in 2009, with Eastern Europe faring little better, Telegeography said
By comparison, the APAC region generated almost two-thirds of subscriber net additions.
The research firm predicts that global wireless subscriber additions will approach six billion by the end of 2011.
TeleGeography said broadband may be reaching a short-term market ceiling – although there are still likely to be nearly 600 million fixed broadband subscribers by the end of next year.
“While wireless prices tumble and come within reach of many poorer populations, broadband remains a luxury that is well beyond the reach of most,” TeleGeography analyst John Dinsdale said.