SK Telecom trials NFC with Japanese operators

SK Telecom has teamed up with KDDI and Softbank in Japan to conduct trials of NFC-based mobile payments.
The partnership will see the three operators co-operating to standardize NFC-based mobile payment technology by end-June, as part of their efforts to launch commercial services covering mobile payments, coupons and other financial services by the year-end.
Several mobile payment services will be tested on trial NFC handsets to ensure compatibility, including MasterCard PayPass in Japan, SK Telecom’s mobile money T Cash in Korea and NFC-applied ‘Smart Poster’ service in both countries.
The trial is the latest outcome of an agreement on NFC mobile payment collaboration that the trio signed last year.
When fully implemented, tourists from both countries are expected to be able to use their own mobile phones to make purchases and receive item promotions via NFC-enabled posters.
Japanese tourists in South Korea will also be able to use the country’s mobile transportation money T Cash to pay for their public transport fares via mobile.