Sky TV says 3D TV looms closer to British viewers

Satellite broadcaster Sky says it has successfully tested the delivery of 3D programming to a domestic television, via a high-definition set-top box, according to the BBC .

The report says Sky has been filming a number of events using 3D cameras over recent months. Such broadcasts would require the use of 3D televisions, not yet available in UK stores, and viewers would need to wear 3D polarising glasses.

Earlier this year BBC engineers broadcast a Six Nations rugby union international in 3D to an audience at a theatre in London.

Sky says it has gone further by showing that 3D could be delivered into homes, straight to its Sky+HD set-top box, without much difficulty.

Sky is stressing is not making a product launch, but producing a technological demonstration.

Sky's Gerry O'Sullivan, told BBC News that that the move to 3D would not be anything like as expensive as the investment the industry had made in HD TV; 'It's not hugely costly,' he explained, 'because it piggybacks on the investment in HD.'

The BBC states Hollywood is beginning to invest heavily in 3D movie production and in Japan some television channels are already broadcasting in 3D.