Skype to launch iPhone app today

Skype is coming to the mobile phone.

The popular desktop app, which already offers a client for Windows Mobile, will today launch its iPhone app on the iTunes app store.

It will debut a similar app for Blackberry in May.

Skype, a division of eBay, is the world's eighth largest carrier of international voice calls. The company has 405 million users and, although it does not publish its P&L, says it raised $550 million in revenue last year.

The iPhone app will allow users to make Skype-to-Skype calls over Wi-Fi and call PSTN numbers at low prices.

The Skype app has been redesigned to resemble a traditional iPhone app, according to a pre-release review  from The new interface allows users to add filters to their contact list and contacts alphabetically or by who is online.

Features exclusive to the iPhone include the ability to take a photo from within Skype to serve as an avatar and to accept incoming conference calls.

The app will also work with the iPod touch, although users will need to use headphones with an embedded microphone to talk.

Another Skype app also supports the Android-based G1 phone.