Smartphone users much prefer Wi-Fi over 3G

More than 80 per cent of smartphone users would prefer accessing the web, sending emails or downloading data using Wi-Fi as opposed to 3G, according to a new study conducted by Devicescape. The company, which openly admits to being a Wi-Fi applications vendor, also claims nearly 85 per cent of those surveyed were in favour of citywide Wi-Fi networks and almost 56 per cent would be willing to pay for the service.

Devicescape believes an increasing number of mobile operators are opting for Wi-Fi because of the increasing popularity of Wi-Fi-enabled smartphones, together with the much greater speeds available and lower costs of Wi-Fi networks. However, the company admits most consumers are increasingly frustrated by the overly complex login procedures required to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots, and would like to be able to roam between 3G and Wi-Fi networks seamlessly.

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