Survey: Businesses willing to switch operators over poor in-door mobile coverage

Businesses are suffering from poor in-building mobile coverage and capacity and are willing to move to a new mobile operator that can solve this problem and deliver additional managed mobility services to the enterprise, according to a YouGov survey commissioned by small cell vendor SpiderCloud. A large percentage of the IT decision makers surveyed said that their business has had indoor mobile coverage and/or capacity problems with their mobile operators, according tot he survey. Businesses in the United States were found to be the most likely to have this issue, with as many as 61 per cent of IT decision makers from businesses with 250 or more employees saying their business has had this issue. Among the countries surveyed in Europe, 50 per cent of IT decision makers from large business in Germany report having this issue, compared to just over two-fifths in Spain (43 per cent) and almost two-fifths in Britain (39 per cent). Release