Sweden opens embassy in virtual world

Sweden opened a virtual embassy in Second Life, the Internet reality world inhabited by computer-generated residents, to provide information about Sweden to the world, an AFP report said.

The AFP report quoted Sweden's Foreign Minister Carl Bildt as saying that 'Second Life is just beginning so we do not know its full potential. Ten years ago we didn't know the potential of Google for instance.'

The Maldives opened its Second Life embassy last week, making Sweden's virtual mission the second in the world, the AFP report said.

The embassy was inaugurated, both in the real and virtual world, by Bildt and Olle Waestberg, the director of the Swedish Institute, a foreign ministry agency tasked with spreading information about Sweden, the report added.

The building, named Second House of Sweden, is located on a 64-hectare island and was inspired by the real embassy in Washington.

It has large French windows, Scandinavian-style wooden trimmings and is
furnished with Swedish design furniture, the report said.

Exhibitions and cultural events that take place in the country will also be presented in the virtual world as will businesses and famous Swedes, the report further said.