Swisscom slams proposed regulation changes

Swisscom is appealing to Swiss authorities not to extend telecoms regulations to fledgling fiber services, claiming the move will stifle investment in new technologies in the country.
The incumbent telco states Switzerland’s current telecoms laws are sufficient for next generation fiber-optic, cable and mobile networks, and that changing the rules now could scupper plans by operators of telecoms, electricity and cable networks to pump billions of francs into emerging technologies in the coming years.
Swisscom responded after the country’s Federal Council revealed it is considering extending current regulations to cover new technologies in a report into the current state of the telecoms market. The telco argues that investment needs “legal certainty,” and claims studies show the rollout of new technologies throughout Europe is already being stifled by “the tight regulatory framework” in the European Union.
The Federal Council claims Switzerland’s current telecoms regulations are rapidly becoming outdated by technological advancements, because the rules were drawn up for copper networks. “This means that there is a risk that the current Act may not have its full impact,” the council argues.