T-Mobile backtracks on data caps

T-Mobile has carried out a swift u-turn over new data caps that would cut Android user’s allowance by 80%, following a subscriber backlash.
The carrier now says plans to reduce UK monthly data allowances to 500MB per user will apply only to new customers or those who upgrade their current service plan, the BBC reports.
However existing customers are likely to see the caps introduced once their current contracts expire.
T-Mobile apologized for confusing subscribers, following reports it was preparing to slash data allowances across the board from Feb 1 to bring its policies in-line with UK partner Orange.
The cuts will see most subscribers’ fair-use allowance reduced from 1GB at present, however Android users will be hit harder as their current cap is 3GB.
Many users were angered by the move, with several telling the BBC the generous upper limits were a key reason for choosing T-Mobile.
Carriers across the globe have acted to cut unlimited data tariffs over the past six months, as they seek to eke out all the capacity they can from current 3G networks to match growing demand for mobile data.
However, 3 UK last month bucked the trend with a new unlimited tariff for smartphone users, after customers indicated that unexpected data charges are the biggest barrier to using mobile data services.