T-Mobile unveils 3G/WiFi docking station (femtocell?)

In what appears to be an initiative to educate WiFi laptop users into the wonders of 3G mobile broadband, T Mobile has released details of a docking station for its 3G mobile broadband dongles.

Labelled the Mobile Broadband Share Dock, the T-Mobile device allows multiple users (but no more than three at any one time) to connect to the femtocell-like Share Dock using their WiFi-enabled laptops. Users then plug a T-Mobile HSPA dongle into the Share Dock that provides the laptops with the mobile broadband connection.

T-Mobile admitted the dock only worked with its own USB dongles--being SIM-lacked. The company said its Share Dock would be available later this month with the cost dependent upon the user's existing 3G contract.

This move by T-Mobile might be seen as peculiar, but given the huge number of 3G dongles being sold they might (just) have a winner on their hands.

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